A OR B starring Xu Zheng comes to UK audiences

17 April 2018

Cine Asia will bring the suspense thriller A OR B starring Xu Zheng to UK audiences

in cinemas in key UK cities from 4 May

Selected to open the Beijing International Film Festival, A OR B is a suspenseful thriller from writer-director Ren Pengyuan starring household favourite Xu Zheng.


Billionaire Zhong Xiaonian (Xu Zheng) prowls auction houses appearing calm on the surface while plotting a multi-million-dollar heist. But just as his criminal career is about to strike gold, he’s kidnapped and forced to take part in a twisted multiple-choice game controlled by a mysterious, unknown person. After a series of poor choices, he’s on the verge of losing his reputation, all of his possessions and his wife (Wang Likun) so must beat his anonymous captive at their own game.


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Xu Zheng is a household name in China, best known for his box office-beating comedies LOST IN HONG KONG and LOST IN THAILAND. Xu enthused: "The script hooked me and I read until the last page without stopping. After reading it, I decided I must play this role."


Star of hit romance films EX-FILES and SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW, Wang Likun joins the cast of A OR B with a stunning performance and demonstration of her versatile acting.











徐峥: 中国受观众爱戴的男演员,徐峥最为人所知的作品包括喜剧《港囧》,《泰囧》。徐峥热情洋溢地说道,“剧本非常抓人,我从第一页一口气读到最后一页,读完之后我就决定,一定要出演这个角色。”


王丽坤: 大热爱情片《前任攻略》,《有一个地方只有我们知道》的主演之一,王丽坤

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