Director : Ren Pengyuan

Billionaire Zhong Xiaonian (Xu Zheng; Lost in Hong Kong, Lost in Thailand) prowls auction houses appearing calm on the surface while plotting a multi-million-dollar heist. But just as his criminal career is about to strike gold, he’s kidnapped and forced to take part in a twisted multiple-choice game controlled by a mysterious, unknown person. After a series of poor choices, he’s on the verge of losing his reputation, all of his possessions and his wife (Wang Likun; Somewhere Only We Know, Ex-Files) so must beat his anonymous captive at their own game.


Selected to open the Beijing International Film Festival, A Or B is a suspenseful thriller from up-and-coming director Ren Pengyuan starring household favourite Xu Zheng. Xu enthused: “The script hooked me and I read until the last page without stopping. After reading it, I decided I must play this role.”


A Or B is released in key UK cities on 4 March 2018.






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