Director : Prachya Pinkaew

From the makers of Ong-Bak and Warrior King, comes a new no stunt-doubles action sensation: Sin was once a prominent member of the most feared mafia gang in Thailand and mistress to its notorious leader, the ruthless Number-8. Now suffering from leukaemia, the only way to raise money for treatment is for her daughter, Zen, to seek out her old underworld contacts and collect aged debts. Blessed with an incredible ability to mimic the fighting moves of her favourite action heroes, Zen proves an awesome match for those who stand in her way. However, when Number 8 decides that the money belongs to him, Zen is faced with a full-on battle for survival.


Starring Asia’s new female action superstar JeeJa Yanin (who spent 2 full years in training), Chocolate contains some of the most breathtaking action scenes on record.




  • Outtakes & Highlights
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  • Featurettes: ‘Breaking The Mold’, ‘Step By Step’, ‘A Star Is Born’, ‘Fighting Talent’, ‘The Stars of Chocolate’, ‘Real Fighters’
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