Director : Benny Chan

Louis Koo (Flashpoint, Robin-B- Hood) plays a single-father in a dead-end job, whose life changes dramatically when he receives a call out of the blue from a petrified woman called Grace (Barbie Hsu). She claims to be held in an unknown location against her will, and begs him to save her and her young daughter.


When the police force refuses to help, he realizes that he alone holds the power of life and death in his hands. However, when the stakes are raised, will he risk everything, including the life of his son, to save the lives of two people he has never met?


Produced in association with Warner Film China, Connected delivers nail-biting tension, exhilarating car chases and more than a few surprises in this relentless high-stakes adventure from the acclaimed director of New Police Story, Robin-B- Hood and Invisible Target.




  •  Interview Gallery – Benny Chan, Louis Koo, Nick Cheung and Barbie Hsu
  •  Making of
  •  Extended / Deleted Scenes (x24)
  •  Behind The Scenes (x5)
  •  Trailer Gallery


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