Director : Raymond Yip

Available on DVD and digital download from 21 January 2019.


Frozen in time for 400 years, Ming Dynasty General He Ying (Donnie Yen: IP MAN trilogy, ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY, CHASING THE DRAGON) wakes in modern China only to learn the terrible fate of his home village. Racing back to the past and battling against old buddies, he fights to protect his family, his country and May, the woman he loves (Shengyi Huang: KUNG FU HUSTLE, RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN< THE SORCERER AND THE WHITE SNAKE), from invaders before time runs out…


Iceman: The Time Traveler is the latest instalment of the Iceman franchise reunites the original cast, led by martial arts superstar and Donnie Yen, best loved for the IP MAN films.


This stand-alone instalment blends classic Hong Kong cinema tropes with time travel for an unforgettable journey into the past that pulls no punches.


From veteran director Raymond Yip (THE WARLORDS, SIXTY MILLION DILLAR MAN, THE HOUSE THAT NEVER DIES), ICEMAN: THE TIME TRAVELER is the franchise’s darkest instalment yet: coming from comic origins, this serious actioner is a fight-filled battle for the future.

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