Director : Kim Sung-Hong

When Film Director, Hong, takes young starlet, Hyun-ah, to the countryside to discuss a new role, they stop at a farm that is renowned for its home-made chicken soup. The owner of the farm, Pan-gon, is a recluse and social outcast with a very dark secret. Jealous of Hyun-ahs beauty and insulted by her disdainful treatment of him, he ruthlessly strangles Hong and imprisons Hyun-ah in the basement. Does he want to torture her, use her for sex, or is his agenda even darker? Meanwhile, Hyun-ahs sister becomes concerned over her disappearance and contacts the police. A trail of evidence points toward the farm, but will they make it in time to save Hyun-ah from the whims of the unhinged maniac, or will Pan-gons vengeance be complete?




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