Director : Noboru Iguchi

Ami is a beautiful, popular kid for whom the future looks pretty good. But when her high-school brother gets bullied for money, and the guy after the cash just happens to be the vicious son of a crazy Yakuza crime boss, you know all hell is about to break loose. When Ami’s bro can not pay enough, violence breaks out, he is murdered and Ami is bound, tortured and has her left arm hacked off as a reminder not to mess with the Yakuza. Barely alive, she is taken in by a mechanic, who builds her a prosthetic limb with a difference - a fully automatic machine gun!


The quest for revenge is on.... Filled with genius tongue-in-cheek gore moments including human tempuras, nail-gunned faces, finger sushi, exploding torsos and the legendary bra drill, Machine Girl is the movie that Quentin Tarantino always wanted to make!




•Interview with Li Bingbing

•Behind The Scenes Gallery

•Audio Commentary by Bey Logan

•Hong Kong Press Conference: Interview with Jackie Chan, Li Bingbing & Winston Chao

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